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Get Ready to Parent Without Confusion, Frustration, Anxiety or Tension

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You've spent a lot of money on parenting classes to cope with your challenging children's behavior but you're still scratching your head.

Do any of these sound like you?

Do you crave a warm loving relationship with your kids but...

  • Spending time with your kids feels like a chore.

  • You're still seeking that elusive punishment that will make your kids really listen.

  • You have knots in your stomach thinking about how you will survive another day with your intense child.

  • Everything you have tried hasn't made a difference or has made the situation worse.

  • You are always buying prizes to externally motivate your children to listen.

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Imagine how it would feel if you knew exactly what to do in every situation.

What if you could...

  • HAVE A STRATEGY that's effective with children of ALL ages.

  • Know what to do when your child acts out and when your child doesn't act out.

  • Feel and be empowered.

  • Experience peace and pleasure in your home!

  • Find purpose and meaning in ordinary moments.

You're ready to take act​ion and nurture yourself and all those with whom you come in contact, but you don't know where to begin!

  Awakening Greatness will guide you, step-by-step.  



"I just don't have time..."

All classes are recorded live and will be available with audio recording for the duration of the series. ​

If you can take a few minutes to scroll through social media, you can press play to listen to a recording that will change your life.

"I can't afford it..." 

My schedule is too hectic!

This isn't in my budget

What price tag would you attach to a happy home with a calm, emotionally regulated mother running the show? What I would have given to learn the Nurtured Heart Approach® fifteen years ago! 


I went through “blood, sweat, and tears” until I learned this approach, and with my OWN LIFE EXPERIENCE, how to implement it on a practical level.  And now you don’t have to.

"Been there, done that..."

We're already working with a professional

The Nurtured Heart Approach® will support you and your child, and will complement your journey with the professional in your life and hasten its success.


What People Are Saying

Interested in more reviews?  Don’t hesitate!  Get in touch today!


- Yiska Z., Mom of 2

"'Awakening Greatness' taught me to approach parenting in an entirely different way than anything else I had heard or read. It was refreshing to shift my focus from the negative behaviours my children demonstrate to the desirable ones. There is so much good in our children and Sara Shaindel’s course will help you learn to reinforce it and focus on it in your parenting. LIFE CHANGING!"

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