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Who is Sara Shaindel Goldwasser?

Sara Shaidel Goldwasser, founder of Awakening Greatness and Certified Trainer of the Nurtured Heart Approach®, expertly helps parents navigate the challenges and enhance the rewards of parenting. 

Her years of formal and self-education, together with her own life experience as a mother raising her intense children, combine to make her exceptional at connecting with and providing collaborative guidance for parents, educators and therapists. 


Clients credit Sara Shaindel with enabling them to create nurturing relationships, to feel empowered and confident in their roles, and to get real results.  Over the years, she has helped hundreds of women worldwide actualize greatness in themselves, in their children and in all their relationships.

Sara Shaindel believes in continually growing and moving forward, which is why Awakening Greatness is constantly evolving to include everything she learns and implements.

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